Fundraising Breakfast for RNLI

As Ballycarry holds its annual charity breakfast to raise much needed funds for the sterling work of the RNLI, we present the following short film to illustrate some aspects of their Service to the Community.


A painting by Ernest Dunbar, Ballywalter of the five men setting out to save the crew of the Caesar

The Wreck of the Caesar by Asmy Purse

Ye seamen of Erin, so merry and gay,
Come, listen the poet and hear the sad lay,
Ye nymphs of the village assist me to sing,
The news from Parnassus on the doleful string.

On the 21st October 1813 at the break of day,
The Caesar from Greenock, drove into the bay,
The wind being eastward as she tacked about,
She struck on Skulmartin on the clearing out.

The sea rose like mountains, which increased their fear,
Their masts cut away, pale death did appear,
Their boats broke the hawsers, drove on to the strand,
But their was none to assist them upon the long sand.

Be calm O ye breezes: be still O ye deep;
Ye mariners (do) join those you made for to weep,
Since memory has printed where time's course will stand
Where five noble seamen (were) lost on the long sand.

They were five noble seamen excelled by few,
Their hearts were undaunted, their principals true,
With courage they launched their boat on the waves,
And intended the crew of the vessel to save.

But fate had ordained that they should lose their lives,
For a tremendous breaker their boat did capsize.
Some shouted, some swam, some waved their hands,
But their was none to assist them upon the long sands.

There were ROBERT ADAIR and JOHN BOYD by name,
Their family and friends may lament for the same,
And DAVID ALEXANDER, that seaman so brave,
Along with the rest found a watery grave.

Lament ye Freemasons, your loss still deplore,
For alas! WILLIAM NIBLOCK, alas! he's no more,
And likewise JOHN ASKIN, that handsome young man,
These were the five seamen lost on the long sand

Ballywalter may lament for her unfortunate swains,
No more will they sport on their dear native plains,
No more will they wander nor carelessly stray,
Nor go for a dander along Matthew's Bay





At a previous Ballycarry Charity Breakfast, Mr Stephen Craig, RNLI representative, explains the use of the new Lifebelt to Rt Wor Bro Robert Bashford!


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