Columba The Last Irish Druid


Review of Columba -  The Last Irish Druid By Bro Chris McAuley, Lodge 651

Itchy feet..I started to get itchy feet when I reached the fourth chapter of this book.  I wanted to go to Glencolmcille the place where the author describes in vivid detail the symbolism carved in the various stones in the area. I turned to my wife and expressed an interest in going to the area the following weekend, to which she replied “Is this some Masonic thing again?”
This is not a ‘Masonic’ book, although the author is a Freemason and deals with what I perceive as very important areas of masonic research.  Unlike the author’s previous book, this looks squarely at the hypothesis of the importance of Sun-worship on the island of Ireland to the ancient celts and the celtic Christian church.
Through the books chapters, the author illustrates the importance of tracing the path of the Sun using the natural landscape, the importance of the symbology of the Equinoxes in celtic art and in its transformed nature in the early Celtic Christian church.

It’s a book I have read several times, it’s a heady mix of theological exposition relating to the early Church in Ireland and the transformed nature of the veneration of the Sun from Pagan (meaning Country dweller) ritual to inclusion within Christian ritual.

Highly recommended for any Freemasons bookshelf!