Wor Bro Pàdraig Belton

From Malin to Mizen - Paddy Belton from Yolmac on Vimeo.

Watch Paddy in action......and watch out for Wor Bro 'Spongebob Chris'


Paddy gives and early morning interview to Downtown Radio.....

Paddy Belton interview on Downtown Radio from Yolmac on Vimeo.

As Wor Bro Pàdraig Belton prepares to undertake his marathon task of running from Malin Head to Mizen, we set the scene with a few images from his starting point in Donegal and a short synopsis of his planned route.  We will be delighted to keep you all posted with his progress and hope that Masonic Brethren throughout Ireland will support him in whatever way they can in this admirable cause.

       Wor Bro Pàdraig Belton

Padraig Belton from Yolmac on Vimeo.

For a brief outline of his journey....CLICK HERE