Powerpoint Presentation to Rashee Temperence Lodge, Cogry.

Rashee presentation

Rashee presentation

Rashee Temperence Masonic Lodge No 736 I.C.

You may be interested to learn that your Warrant was originally Issued to brethren in PORTGLENONE, Co. Antrim, 7 April 1791, where it remained up to the year 1810. The Warrant had been Compounded for Arrears, and the Brethren appealed this decision by Grand Lodge. Amazingly, it took some 24 years before, we find, in the minutes of Grand Lodge, the following :-

From the Minutes of Grand Lodge
Lodge 736
3 July, 1834 – Read the Application of 736, to have a new Warrant of the same Number in lieu of the old one which was lost or destroyed in January or February 1832. Granted.

But sadly, there was to be no escape and we find two years later, the following entry in Grand Lodge Minutes :-

Compounded for arrears, September 1836.

And so matters remained until the 18th May 1949, when we read in the Minutes of The Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes that :-

18 May, 1949 – Read Memorial from various brethren praying for a warrant to establish a Lodge in Cogry in the County of Antrim to be called the Rashee Temperance. Recommended.
G.L.M. 2 June, 1949 – Confirmed.

We know from the original Memorial, which was signed by some 26 Brethren [24 from Lodge No. 148] from various Lodges and recommend Hugh Irvine (P.M. 148) as first W.M.; Nathaniel Todd (148) as S.W. and Leslie H. Mayne (148) as J.W. and the Memorial was recommended by Lodges 148, 549 and 317 and the P.G.M. of Antrim. Warrant was Reissued to `Rashee Temperance Lodge’ in COGRY, Doagh, Belfast, 2 June 1949.

Hugh Irvine, Salesman; Nathaniel Todd, Electrician and Leslie H. Mayne, Dairy Prop. All from Lodge No. 148, registered along with twenty three, all but two being from Lodge No. 148, 2 June, 1949.

Constituted in the Masonic Hall, Cogry, Doagh, Belfast on Monday, 29th August, 1949 by Rt. Wor. Bro. Major Rupert Stanley, LL.D., Provincial Grand Master of Antrim.
W. Bro. Hugh Irvine was the first Master, Bros. Nathaniel Todd and Leslie H. Mayne the Wardens, W. Bro. John McConnell the Treasurer and W. Bro. John Wham the Secretary.

A total of 130 brethren registered up to 17 December, 1984. In most cases the dates when the issue of certificates is shown, together with the occupation of the brother.

Presentation of Provincial Regalia to Wor Bro Ainsley Steele, Treasurer of The Rashee Temperence Lodge.

Presentation of Provincial Regalia to Wor Bro Ainsley Steele, Treasurer of The Rashee Temperence Lodge.

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Rt Wor Bro Bashford lives in Ireland where he joined the Masonic Order in 1977. He became a Master Mason in 1978 and served as Master of his Mother Lodge, Moyarget No. 280 Irish Constitution in 1990. He was appointed Richard Robinson Memorial Lecturer in the Irish Masonic Province of Antrim in 1992 and 2004. In 1996 he was appointed Grand Master's personal Standard Bearer by Most Wor. Bro Darwin Templeton, G.M. In 2000 he became the Millennium Master of the `irish Lodge of Research No. 200, and in 2001 went on to become Excellent King of the irish Chapter of Research No. 222.He is the current Editor of the Irish Lodge of Research, and has been since 1992, and of the Irish Chapter of Research since 1996. He was appointed Representative of the Grand Lodge of Portugal at the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 2006 ( a ten year appointment), giving him the courtesy title of Right Worshipful Brother. He is currently Provincial Grand Librarian for the Province of Antrim, and Curator of the museum at their headquarters in Belfast.
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