Seventy Years of Freemasonry.

Rt Wor Bro Rodney McCurley. Deputy Grand Master of Ireland.

Rt Wor Bro Rodney McCurley. Deputy Grand Master of Ireland.

Our Rt Wor Deputy Grand Master will be travelling to the Leslie J.Thompson Masonic Lodge No 61, Ballymacarrett for a 7.30pm meeting on Friday the 22nd May 2015. On this occasion RT Wor Bro McCurley will be accompanied by RT Wor Bro Roger Matthews. Provincial Grand Master of Down, and they will both be present to mark the long service of two members of the Lodge. Firstly Wor Bro Tom Ferrett a Past Master of the Lodge and a Past Lodge Secretary with some 25 years of service, will be presented with a seventy year bar to his 50 year service jewel. Wor Bro Ferrett is 95 years old this year. lives in Bangor and still drives in to attend Lodge Meetings in Ballymacarrett. It was back in 1935 when Wor Bro Ferrett joined the Order, in those carefree days between the Wars, and he has lived through the Belfast Blitz, the Second World War, the growth of Belfast in the 1950’s and 60’s and survived over 30 years of civil unrest from the late 1960’s until the 1990’s. Our second presentation will be made to Wor Bro James Bain who will receive his 50 year Star for completion of 50 years service to the Masonic Order. The evening will conclude with tea and sandwiches at the en d of the meeting.

Whilst preparing this short report, I was asked where the Lodge name came from, and I’m pleased to report that the Lodge took the name Leslie J Thompson, at the time of Constitution, as their Constituting Officer was none other than Rt Wor Bro Leslie J. Thompson the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Down. The name has survived and is still in use some 124 years later. One other interesting name associated with the Leslie J. Thompson Lodge is that of Wor Bro Tom Maxwell, who first received the light of Freemasonry in this Lodge in Ballymacarrett. Tom has now retired to the south of France and spends his time attending meetings in Ireland, England and further afield. He is the current Master of the Thomas Harper ( Collectors ) Lodge No 9612 U.G.L.E. and earlier this year he brought a number of Members from Thomas Harper over to Belfast, to visit the Provincial Grand Lodge Museum and to visit an Irish Lodge. The Thomas Harper Lodge is made up of Brethren interested in Masonic collecting. Amongst their membership are Brethren who are members of the Masonic jewel collecting group known as Jewels in the Craft. Other members come from the Masonic Philatelic Society and the Mark Token Collectors Club. Tom also hopes to be over, on Friday evening to enjoy the celebrations.

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Rt Wor Bro Bashford lives in Ireland where he joined the Masonic Order in 1977. He became a Master Mason in 1978 and served as Master of his Mother Lodge, Moyarget No. 280 Irish Constitution in 1990. He was appointed Richard Robinson Memorial Lecturer in the Irish Masonic Province of Antrim in 1992 and 2004. In 1996 he was appointed Grand Master's personal Standard Bearer by Most Wor. Bro Darwin Templeton, G.M. In 2000 he became the Millennium Master of the `irish Lodge of Research No. 200, and in 2001 went on to become Excellent King of the irish Chapter of Research No. 222.He is the current Editor of the Irish Lodge of Research, and has been since 1992, and of the Irish Chapter of Research since 1996. He was appointed Representative of the Grand Lodge of Portugal at the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 2006 ( a ten year appointment), giving him the courtesy title of Right Worshipful Brother. He is currently Provincial Grand Librarian for the Province of Antrim, and Curator of the museum at their headquarters in Belfast.
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